Sunday, April 2, 2006

Combined Weight Show

I got to hang with all the "cool" kids. Yay!

Here’s a chance to see what Pixar artists draw in their off hours. San Francisco’s Canvas Gallery will host Combined Weight, a collection of work by artists from Pixar Animation Studios, “produced in their spare time to show the world through their eyes”.

Artists include:

Daniel Arriaga
Enrico Casarosa
Janet Lucroy
Jennifer Chang
Liz Amini-Holmes
Lori Klocek
Mark Holmes
Nate Stanton
Noah Klocek
Paul Topolos
Rich Quade
Robert Kondo
Ronnie Del Carmen
Simon Dunsdon
Steve Pilcher
Steve Purcell
Sanjay Patel
Neil Traynor
Opening reception is on April 27th, from 7pm – 12am. The exhibition runs from April 27 through May 22nd at The Canvas Gallery, 1200 9th Ave. at Lincoln, San Francisco.

Thanks to Carmen Ngai of Pixar for having submitted this news to CG Explorer.

More information at: The Canvas Gallery

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