Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Next Step In Making Wolf Song: The 32 Page Storyboard Layout.

Now that I have worked out the major scenes for the book I will start on designing art to fit a 32-page book using page spreads and vignettes. It's  a lot like a comic strip where I can plan more detailed sequence of events but still the art will be rough so I can feel free to make changes without investing a too much time as I will make many changes to the rough sketches as I go along.

This is also the part of the process where I think about how the images flow across the pages and work with the story copy. I will do this a many times in the process of the book to get the right feel for the book because it must work as a whole. I want to vary the layouts so the book is interesting and dynamic page-to-page.

Here is a 32 page a blank storyboard template. You can download this image to work on your own books.

After the storyboard is worked out, I make a small rough book dummy, which I will demonstrate later in my blog.

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