Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My artwork in The Ultimate Illustration Collection

256 pages
ISBN-10: 8496774503
ISBN-13: 9788496774506
Publisher: Gingko Press
Classic, traditional, line, abstract, just name the style and you'll find it in this stunning new repertoire of illustrations by the world's finest talent. Ultimate Illustration Collection features a broad cross section of works and styles, some full of quirky twists and delicious detail that are guaranteed to delight and intrigue. Illustration is an art that is inextricable from modern life. It impacts silently our everyday activities from the iconography that gives us leave to cross a busy street to the wild, fantastic characters that populate virtual online worlds and computer games. Works featured range from true to life renditions to strange new exercises in extreme fantasy. This book is chock full of character and its distinctively memorable illustrations will inspire anyone with an eye for the attractive and whimsical, the odd and unusual.